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Audio & video  documentation 

technology combined with private security

gps tracking

When incorrect behavior is observed and contact made with the offending party, video/audio documentation of the encounter can provide an additional level of protection for the property owner and can be a vital component in providing evidence of incorrect behavior when corrective action becomes necessary.

Where appropriate, and with the approval of the Property Manager, TriCor Security Officers use an audio/video recorder to document suspect contact. The device acts as a personal "dash-cam" to record the behavior of the officer and the suspect. Video evidence files can be downloaded onto a computer and use as documentation at a future date.

When contracted by the client, TriCor Security may employ the use of a security officer locator system. This satellite imagery system has the real-time ability to locate security officers in relation to the geographic layout of the properties that they protect and is designed to transmit a security officer's location every 2 minutes.

This GPS technology enables TriCor  supervisory personnel to track and monitor guard activity both indoors and outdoors at any time during the shift. The system tracks motion, time, location and miles patrolled by the officers on duty at properties utilizing the system.

The GPS system gives security officers the ability to make specific and custom notes as part of an incident report. Photos and signatures can be appended to a incident report.