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The TriCor team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective security solutions for our clients.


Officers serve as a visible deterrent to criminal activity as they patrol client properties to detect suspicious activities that may pose a threat to buildings, equipment and personnel.

Officers are charged with assisting in the prevention of vandalism, theft and other malicious or criminal behaviors.    

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Experience You Can Trust 

TriCor Security guarantees effective and knowledgeable security service. Our reputation and history of successfully meeting the needs of our clients speaks for itself. There's no substitution for the best.


02. Dedicated and Loyal Staff

The complex, important and often ground-breaking security issues on which we work require that we hire only the best and brightest in the industry. TriCor has been lucky enough to attract some of the most professional security officers in the  business.


03. We Treat You and Your Business with Respect

We are committed to providing each of our clients with top notch security service. Whether you are looking for a long or short-term contract, rest assured that we will approach the task with the knowledge gained in our almost 20 years of experience.  TriCor is able to provide whatever services you need.

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The management of TriCor believes that each property is unique in their needs and specifications; one size does not fit all .

TriCor's professional security officers understand the peculiar concerns that exist in a society where crime is viewed as an "opportunity." Each of our officers will work hard to ensure a "lack of opportunity" on your property.


04. Special qualifications

Our officers are seasoned professionals experienced in handling daily foot patrols, residential parties and client sponsored events such as holiday parties and residential recruitment pool parties.

As a company, we have monitored our growth to ensure that we do not expand at such a rapid rate as to negatively impact our current clients.

We see our relationship with our clients as a mutually advantageous partnership. Our success is your success.